Nonprofit board members play an essential role in the growth and success of your company. They oversee the organization, establish strategy and direction and ensure that resources are available. They are responsible for ensuring the organization is legally and ethically run and abides by its objectives.

Your nonprofit board should comprise of people who are committed to the cause, have the proper connections, and have the necessary capabilities. It’s often easiest to recruit board members from your own network, but if you don’t have the right talent on your staff, search for potential candidates through social media platforms such as LinkedIn and volunteer recruitment sites.

The primary responsibilities of your board of directors include fundraising as well as policy and governance and overseeing the executive director/CEO. Depending on the size and scope of your nonprofit, board committees may be created to manage specific projects or activities. For example your finance committee could focus on budgets and your legal committee could handle insurance policies.

It is important to remember that your board has the primary obligation to raise funds to ensure that the programs and services offered can continue. To fulfill this responsibility, your board needs to be aware of the big picture and make strategic decisions on how to best proceed. Having a large network is key to helping your board to accomplish this.