The ways we work are changing as technology advances. What are the factors that drive these changes? IEEE conducted an analysis of a number of thousand members, and discovered that the desire to use renewable energy, the need for broadband and wireless connections, as well as the use of technology for medical procedures are among the main driving forces. 3D printing and robots as laborers were high on the list.

Engadget offers expert advice as well as product reviews and comparisons for those in the market for new gadgets. They also cover a wide range of subjects, including science and culture. It’s among the most popular technology websites and also offers a subscription plan to keep you updated with the latest technological advancements.

Founded over two decades ago, Ars Technica has become a trusted resource for technology both consumers and enthusiasts. They cover a variety of topics and offer forums to discuss issues like hardware upgrades, operating systems, and software. They have a separate section called the Term Sheet, which is a must-read for anyone interested in business aspects of tech.

As a subsidiary of the Financial Times, TNW is slightly more irreverent than its parent newspaper and has “the most snarky tech newsletter”. But despite its witty and humorous style, this website still covers a lot of ground. They do thorough and in-depth tablet and phone reviews as well as insightful analysis of devices. Their news coverage is top-notch and their articles are usually more informative than those of rivals.