Bullguard’s suite of tools is designed to protect users from cyber-attacks that could threaten their identity and data. It also offers complete security for their smart homes, and the software shows a keen understanding of its customers’ need to have a single program that covers all of their devices.

The user interface is simple to use and easy to navigate and clean. There are separate drop down menus for the various features that allow you to easily find and fiddle with them. The program has also been created with efficiency in mind so it doesn’t have a huge impact on your computer.

The BullGuard package comes with additional security and maintenance tools. One of them is “Vulnerability Scanner” and it promises to evaluate all programs on your PC and close any holes hackers can exploit. It also comes with a network scanner that monitors your WiFi and lists all the devices that are connected to your router as well as Windows PCs.

Identity Protection is another feature which makes use of Experian for monitoring your personal information online. It will then notify you of any leaks. It also has a Parental Controls module that lets you create a profile for your children and block certain things they shouldn’t see online like adult content and pages which promote drugs or violence.

A firewall as well as backup tools are also part of the security features. The former is a powerful tool that has been praised by the AV-Test. It also gives you the option to create a more helpful hints password vault.