Board meeting tools simplify governance, giving participants the opportunity to focus on strategic decisions. They can be utilized on-premises or in the cloud and provide simple user interfaces to board members of different technical levels. They also provide privacy and security by using features such as two-factor authentication, encryption of files and document revision tracking. They also encourage meetings that are paperless, which will increase the company’s environmental responsibility and efficiency.

In addition to reducing the duration of meetings Additionally, these tools reduce the number of tasks board secretaries must manage. For instance, they are able to easily create an agenda using an easy-to-use editor, then share the agenda with board members via the board portal, and keep track of who has already examined it. They can also send status alerts to presenters to confirm their availability and make the necessary arrangements. They can also change agendas that have not yet been reviewed or approved with one click.

Apart from that the tools can also help in managing committees and allow for communication with stakeholders through a virtual room. They can be used to upload files, and facilitate selective sharing before or during a board meeting. They also come with task tools, which allow board directors the ability to assign specific tasks. The best tools are available with versions that are optimized for tablets, desktops and mobile devices, so that board members can work on them no matter where they are. They can also access information on upcoming events and organize them using the calendar tool, or book special gatherings.