Avast antivirus protect is a great option for those who want to use their home for complete protection against malware, ransomware and zero-day attacks. Its malware detection capabilities are similar to major brands like Kaspersky and Bitdefender but its impact on performance is low. It also comes with other features like a password manager and personal firewall.

Avast’s user interface is streamlined and sleek with blue tones and orange accents (from the logo of the company). The menus on the left have tabs like “Protection”, “Privacy”, and “Performance”. The main window displays the state of your computer. The green ‘all clear” icons signify that you are protected. When you click on the “Scan” button, you’ll be able to select additional options. There are Smart Full, Targeted, Full Custom, and Boot-time scans, and the option of a www.binghamtoninternationalblog.com/what-is-voip network scanner.

Other helpful features include the Ransomware Shield, which prevents hackers from accessing, changing your files or locking them and threatening them with ransom. You can also secure certain folders with this shield. The Password Manager stores, synchronizes and generates secure passwords. It also assists you to avoid phishing websites with its password generator, and also alert you to compromised accounts.

Avast offers an enterprise and business subscription that covers the use of 999 devices. It also comes with more advanced security features, such as a webcam blocker, a VPN service, and an endpoint control feature that lets administrators check employee devices and software usage. Sensitive data shield identifies sensitive documents such as bills and tickets and blocks access to them by apps that are not authorized.