There are many great alternatives to avast if searching for a fast and reliable antivirus application for your Windows, macOS or Android device. I’ve tested a number of antivirus programs and discovered several great alternatives that offer better protection against malware, a variety of additional features, and a simple interface for users. Norton is the most suitable alternative to Avast. It provides excellent malware protection avast and malwarebytes and a good reputation for protecting privacy. It also offers a variety of security features, including password management and VPN.

Its powerful malware detection engine was able to detect all the ransomware I tested, as well as many other threats such as cryptojackers and rootkits. Its web security also performed well. It caught a number sites that were phishing and slipped through Chrome and Firefox default protections. It also comes with a Rescue Disk and a secure browser to use for online banking and shopping. It also comes with advanced anti-tracking and anti-DNS hijacking security.

Despite its excellent performance, Avast hasn’t been able to avert the controversy surrounding its practices for collecting data. In 2020, Avast’s anonymous and bundled user data was sold to third-party companies. In a bid to regain trust from users, Avast shut down its subsidiary Jumpshot and has pledged to stop selling the user’s data.

Avast has a range of premium and free plans to protect your computers tablets, smartphones, and computers. The premium plans include various additional features, such as password management as well as monitoring for data breaches and a powerful VPN. All plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee. Subscriptions can be purchased monthly or annually.